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Job Training:Ensure our country has one of the most skilled workforces in the world by preparing 2 million workers with skills training by 2015 and improving the coordination and delivery of job training services.

Goal Leader: Portia Wu, Special Assistant to the President for Labor and Workforce Policy, White House Domestic Policy Council

A skilled workforce is key to U.S. competitiveness in the global economy.  In the coming years, our nation will have millions of skilled positions in industries ranging from healthcare to advanced manufacturing, green energy to information technology, and many of these jobs will be high-skilled jobs.  Having access to high-quality job training is essential for workers to succeed in the growing and changing U.S. economy, and for the U.S. to remain a global economic leader.  

To address these issues, this goal brings together the multiple Federal agencies that support job training to improve the quality and coordination of Federal job training programs.  The Administration has announced a comprehensive plan to improve our workforce development system, including proposals to enhance services available to workers who have lost their jobs, expanding investment in community colleges and their partnerships with businesses and communities to train skilled workers, and reinvigorating American Job Centers around the country that help people make smart choices about what training to pursue.  The Administration will also continue several ongoing efforts to support the testing and replication of innovative and evidence-based approaches to job training through the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grants and the Workforce Innovation Fund.  These efforts also include a focus on enhancing program coordination, performance reporting, and overall accountability among agencies that operate job training programs.  These improvements will increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of the federal job training system so that American workers can get the training, skills, and credentials they need to hold the jobs of the future.